Our Story

Our Story

Named and modelled in honour of the first coffee fanatic in our family, Uncle Basil, we have set out to create products in the market that give tribute to the men and women of the past who prefer the simple things in life while enjoying them in a classic and stylish fashion. We have recently expanded our range to include Flavoured Drinking Chocolates, Matcha Green Tea and Spicy Chai Powders.

Our focus is less on superfluous packaging and marketing campaigns, and instead on sourcing quality ingredients while putting in the time to get the roast, flavour profile and blend of flavours just right, ensuring quality and consistency are our key attributes and priorities. Family owned and operated, The Brotherhood is made up of friends and family who all have the same passion for quality and enthusiasm in the industry.

Sourcing quality and keeping consistent with the ethos, first set down by the original Brother Basil. Stop. Smell. Taste. Enjoy. Your enjoyment and your customers enjoyment of our range is priority. 



Uncle Basil, Circa 1970