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Private Label

Private Label

We love creating at Brother Basil & Co and we are leading the way in private label coffee, offering coffee roasting and co-packing services for brands of any size — whether you’re a small or national brand, retail chain, local cafe, or e-commerce entrepreneur. We can help you create a shelf-ready coffee in just weeks. With our dedicated in house graphic designer, social media & marketing team and photography studio with on staff photographer we can bring your brand to life.

Brother Basil & Co can package your coffee into Food service and retail bags, Nespresso capsules, grind to your exact specifications, or assist you in creating a custom product from scratch. We offer a variety of house blend coffees and flavor profiles that can fit any taste, and have several flavored coffee options to further entice your taste buds.

You can also work with our sensory panel and lab specialist to develop a custom coffee flavor designed to showcase your unique brand and style, or send us your coffee for a wide range of commercial laboratory services designed for craft brands.