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Coffee Facts

Posted by Amelia Harris on

You’re not a true #coffeefanatic until you know all the fun facts there are to know about the worlds number one drink, with 400 billion cups consumed each year! 

Comment below if you have any fun coffee facts we haven’t included!


#1. The oldest Cat who ever lived (according to the Guinness Book of Records, he was 38) drank a cup of coffee every morning.

#2. The top consumers (per capita) of Coffee across the world at the lovely people in Finland!  Finnish folk drink up to 8 cups of coffee PER DAY, with some drinking up to 30! Woah…we love coffee but 30 might be a little too much for our liking.

#3. Coffee beans are the seeds of coffee plants but they are not actually beans at all, they are berries.  They are called beans due to their appearance.

#4. Goats were the first coffee consumers!  Legend has it that goat herders realised that their goats would have super charged extra energy after consuming the beans.

#5. Brazil produces a whopping 40% of the worlds coffee beans.  This is due to their perfect growing climate, low land prices and low labour costs. 

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